Fashion Monday

December 12, 2011


I've always loved jewelry but I'm really getting into bigger, statement pieces - especially necklaces. Something that adds flair and makes that boring black T-shirt sparkle and seem a bit more dressier. This is a recent find -- at Target (!) for $15. I was perusing the sale rack, saw this gem and even though it was in the wrong place (and therefore not on sale) I had to get it anyway. I'm also not much for gold -- yet another thing I'm getting into. I wore this necklace to work with a simple black shirt with a cardigan and received so many compliments! I feel fabulous in it and I looove it. I'm already thinking of what I can wear it with next.

Today's lesson: it's okay to stray from the norm of what you wear -- jewelry, clothing, anything! You just may be surprised. ;)

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