Fashion Monday

December 6, 2011

2 words: Toggle Coat.

I am loving this look for the winter. I think these are so cute and finally one of them will be mine all mine! They make an outfit look so adorable (peep Taylor to the right) and of course- keep you warm.

Forever 21 has cute ones -- but I found an even better one online at Piperlime (my go-to site for pretty much anything). It is majorly on sale and has fur around the hood. Love.

The way Taylor (yes, we're on a first name basis) uses it over an outfit with tights and loafer heels? Adorable. Tights actually do keep your legs warm in the winter despite beliefs. Navy is very preppy and cute in a good way.
The coat I am waiting on to plop down at my door is a cream color. I figure I can do a lot with it -- scarf, outfit, gloves you name it!

This is definitely another winter look to toggle into. :)

Happy Shopping!!

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