Easy Christmas Nails

December 27, 2011

Though it's kind of hard to see my nails, I love this picture!
So for Christmas, I had planned to go with dark green polish and do a tree design. After trying the tree, ripping off my polish in the process, THEN messing up my mani by packing for home I let go of that design (for now).
Once home, I opted to borrow my Mom's nail polish and go red. (I also thought I needed SOME color since my Christmas Eve outfit was all black) This is the same red I used in this blog post. My sister helped me with the starburst design.

In this pic you can see my nails better!
It's very simple:
1. Apply the base color on your whole nail(s), let dry (mine is the silver)
2. Cut thin strips of tape and place them any way you want (leaving them hanging past your nail to easily pull off)
3. Paint over the whole nail with top color (mine is the red)
4. Remove the strips of tape and ta da!

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