Read My... Nails!!!

November 14, 2011

I am beyond excited to finally try this nail art:

It was SO simple! Surfing the internet one morning, I came across another girl who did this ~ immediately prompting me to HAVE to try it!

(my efforts were briefly stalled when I realized we didn't have the most important ingredient)

Here are the steps:
1) Paint nails with a light color so the newspaper shows up (I used Revlon Sheer Cotton); let dry

2) Dip little pieces of newspaper in rubbing alcohol and firmly press to nail; leave on for about 30sec (hold still or the ink will smear on your nail)

3) Let dry; add a clear coat of nail polish

4) Wow your friends and have them read your nails! (OK.... I'm not that serious about #4, but why not show 'em off?)

My excitement got the best of me, I jumped the gun and took the pics before I cleaned around my nails -- but who cares?!

Also, I will admit when doing this, I wanted to GAG at the smell of the rubbing alcohol. But I plugged through it -- all in the name of fab nails ;)
Whatcha think??

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