Hulu To The Rescue

November 9, 2011

With my backwards schedule, I never get to watch TV except between the hours of 10am and 2pm -- when NOTHING is on (trust me, I check every channel). I have come to loooove Hulu so I can watch the shows I do like every week. It's free because I'm cheap and refuse to pay for the "premium" Hulu but whatevs! I can still watch all my shows, unfortunately not commercial free though.

Here are some shows I am so into right now:
~ Glee (been a Gleek from Season 1)
~ Hart of Dixie (CW shows suck me in, especially ones about love)
~ Revenge (It gets better and better literally every week)
~ Terra Nova (Never thought I'd like it, and I have to admit I watched the Pilot only because I met Stephen Lang at work -- nonetheless, it's actually good!)
~ Modern Family (the one-liners and puns in this show are side-splitting hilarious)
~ Pan Am (Another diamond in the ruff (sp?) I didn't see myself watching, but I'm hooked)
~ Up All Night (Funny, yet makes me never want kids)
~ New Girl (Another hilarious show that I loooove)

...and of course there are the usual shows I've been hooked on forever:

~ Any of the Real Housewives shows (Admit it, you like seeing their train of life derail every episode, too)
~ Millionaire Matchmaker (I'm a girl and it's about finding love. Duh.)
~ The Rachel Zoe Project (I want her life, and wardrobe.)

I should probably not list anymore or you'll think less of me ;p

Any other shows you recommend I check out??

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