Fashion (Cyber) Monday

November 28, 2011

But first- a look back on my Black Friday.

It was crazy! So many people had the same idea as my mom, sister and I. We were up early and to the mall by 8am ready to score the deals.

There were more in the backseat, too!
And score deals, we did! After fueling up at McDonald's, walking through a gazillion stores and tracking down a lost sticker all over TJ Maxx that fell off (anything to get the sale price) of course. It was so much fun and since I missed it last year, I was more than willing to get up early and go-go-go. I miss shopping with my Mom and Sister all the time. :) Plus, I am about 90% done with my Christmas shopping! Go me!

Let's not forget today is Cyber Monday!
There are a lot of deals out there -- my email inbox is full of 'em:

~ 20% off at
~ 50% off at NY&Co.
~ 30% off at Gap, BR & Old Navy
~ Penny prints online at (in case you want to go that route -- like me)

That's just an inch of the puzzle.. and there's more good news: It's still morning... there's plenty of time to click away. Happy Shopping!

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