November 2, 2011

I've relapsed.

Into a candy-eating frenzy filled with Snickers and 100 Grand (my 2 most favorite candy bars).

I was doing so well, too after my first two dentist appointments. My third and almost final one was on Monday and I think the fact that I couldn't eat candy that day got to my head. Either that, or all the chocolate, peanut, caramel goodness did.

I'm only human. I can't help it! I love chocolate and those two candy bars just like I love shoes, the color purple and fairies. Clearly, I'm in need of help! Must. Stop. Eating. Chocolate.

After thinking a lot about this, with each bite, I realized candy that isn't chocolate-peanut-caramel-goodness isn't nearly as good as the kinds that are. And the fun size candy bars are just even more fun to eat. Agree?! Yes? OK, twist my arm... I'll have another one for you.

Thanks, Mom for the candy!

It's almost gone.........

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