Fa La La La La

November 30, 2011

This is what happens when you decorate while under the influence of not enough sleep.

I only have an apartment -- this is at my Parent's house. I just like it :)
Christmas decorating while listening to Christmas music (until I lost my internet connection for a while - but it's back up!) = FUN! Red, green, silver, gold, Santas, Yankee Candles, stockings, bulbs galore! And we aren't putting up the tree (in-a-box) until this weekend!!! ;)

Is it too early to scream MERRY CHRISTMAS from the top of my lungs?

25 days until Santa comes!

Tgiving Nails

November 29, 2011

My fun nails (polish courtesy of Mom)

(L) Nicole by OPI "My Empire... My Rules"
(R/my ring finger) Nicole by OPI (Help! Cannot remember the name but I think it is "Sealed With A Kris")

I am obsessed with different colors/designs on 1 nail for each hand. I think it's so fun and different!
By the way~ I am also obsessed with OPI and Nicole by OPI. The colors are gorgeous (I want every single one), it goes on so easily and lasts! I have so many designs I want to try, so expect many more nail posts :)

Fashion (Cyber) Monday

November 28, 2011

But first- a look back on my Black Friday.

It was crazy! So many people had the same idea as my mom, sister and I. We were up early and to the mall by 8am ready to score the deals.

There were more in the backseat, too!
And score deals, we did! After fueling up at McDonald's, walking through a gazillion stores and tracking down a lost sticker all over TJ Maxx that fell off (anything to get the sale price) of course. It was so much fun and since I missed it last year, I was more than willing to get up early and go-go-go. I miss shopping with my Mom and Sister all the time. :) Plus, I am about 90% done with my Christmas shopping! Go me!

Let's not forget today is Cyber Monday!
There are a lot of deals out there -- my email inbox is full of 'em:

~ 20% off at Piperlime.com
~ 50% off at NY&Co.
~ 30% off at Gap, BR & Old Navy
~ Penny prints online at Snapfish.com (in case you want to go that route -- like me)

That's just an inch of the puzzle.. and there's more good news: It's still morning... there's plenty of time to click away. Happy Shopping!


November 22, 2011

In the Kelly household, the (massive) turkey is thawing in the refrigerator (taking up an entire shelf), there are 4 bricks of cream cheese ready to become dessert and extra chairs that are now wallflowers, but will soon be used to accommodate family members in the dining room.
Thanksgiving is just 2 days away!!!

I am so incredibly thankful to be home this year! I get to see my family -- especially those I rarely get to. We'll laugh, eat, catch up then eat some more. These people are a huge part of my life and are simply amazing. I am blessed and thankful for each one. So, it's not a proper holiday without my list of what I'm thankful for. This is by no means everything -- but you get the idea.

~ My parents (for raising me to be who I am today, and setting a great example)
~ My sister (for being my best friend, sister, shopping buddy and 'twin' ;)
~ My brothers (for providing many laughs, antics and grey hairs)
~ My grandparents (for setting a Godly example for me and the other grandkids and for always helping me)
~ Matt (for being my best friend, and for always being there for me)
~ My health
~ A roof over my head

I sure have a lot to be thankful for -- everyday. What are you thankful for???

Fashion Monday

November 21, 2011

(This FM post brought to you by J.Crew)

I got a J.Crew catalogue in the mail recently and I was drooling over everything in there! One thing I  really loved -- and that is now on my need list -- is the Matchstick Cord. The cut... the options. And the COLORS! Looove them.

I'm imagining so many different looks with these: boat shoes, plaid shirt, sweater.. These will definitely be part of my Black Friday shopping list! My plan: break out of my shell and the same old dark denim and bring a little color into my fall/winter wardrobe.

Dress Accordingly!

Away I Go...

November 18, 2011

Well, not quiiite yet. But soon!

The next week (+) looks like this:
Maryland -- Lancaster -- Maryland/Virginia (work) -- New Wilm -- Maryland.

And breathe!

It's bound to be a busy week+ BUT I don't care! I am thankful (and lucky) to have Thanksgiving off this year.... and 3 other days as well!! Matt and I are visiting his parents this weekend, then back to Maryland so I can work 1 lousy day that I'm sure will go really slow, then to my parents! Very excited to see my family ::eat:: and recharge.

Let's not forget Black Friday shopping, too! I need to start scoping out deals..... and planning my outfits... and packing... laundry.. cleaning............

Read My... Nails!!!

November 14, 2011

I am beyond excited to finally try this nail art:

It was SO simple! Surfing the internet one morning, I came across another girl who did this ~ immediately prompting me to HAVE to try it!

(my efforts were briefly stalled when I realized we didn't have the most important ingredient)

Here are the steps:
1) Paint nails with a light color so the newspaper shows up (I used Revlon Sheer Cotton); let dry

2) Dip little pieces of newspaper in rubbing alcohol and firmly press to nail; leave on for about 30sec (hold still or the ink will smear on your nail)

3) Let dry; add a clear coat of nail polish

4) Wow your friends and have them read your nails! (OK.... I'm not that serious about #4, but why not show 'em off?)

My excitement got the best of me, I jumped the gun and took the pics before I cleaned around my nails -- but who cares?!

Also, I will admit when doing this, I wanted to GAG at the smell of the rubbing alcohol. But I plugged through it -- all in the name of fab nails ;)
Whatcha think??

Fashion Monday

Pleasant Blouse

I haven't posted an outfit of my own for a while, so here's one for today's FM post. I came up with the name because the top just makes me feel pleasant. The bright coral color and how it flows.. love!

I added a bit more color with my purple BR necklace :)

I don't care much for gold- but LOVE this watch/bangle combo!

Necklaces: Banana Republic, Forever 21
Jeans: Express
Watch: Fossil (via Piperlime.com)
Bracelets: Kate Spade, Forever 21
Sunnies: Betsey Johnson

*Disclaimer: These pictures are the result of me being home alone and utilizing my camera's 10 second self-timer. Oh, to be able to afford a photographer! ;)

Happy Veteran's Day!

November 11, 2011

As I sit here, at the cabin, next to the fire I am thinking of those who fought and still fight for our Country every day. Without them, we'd have nothing. They sacrifice so much by representing our great country and for them I am grateful every day -- especially today.

Happy Veteran's Day to ALL, past and present. And a special 'Thank You' to my Soldier's Angels adopted soldier, Sgt. Jose Diazmillan: I pray for you every day and especially this day- I salute you.

Hulu To The Rescue

November 9, 2011

With my backwards schedule, I never get to watch TV except between the hours of 10am and 2pm -- when NOTHING is on (trust me, I check every channel). I have come to loooove Hulu so I can watch the shows I do like every week. It's free because I'm cheap and refuse to pay for the "premium" Hulu but whatevs! I can still watch all my shows, unfortunately not commercial free though.

Here are some shows I am so into right now:
~ Glee (been a Gleek from Season 1)
~ Hart of Dixie (CW shows suck me in, especially ones about love)
~ Revenge (It gets better and better literally every week)
~ Terra Nova (Never thought I'd like it, and I have to admit I watched the Pilot only because I met Stephen Lang at work -- nonetheless, it's actually good!)
~ Modern Family (the one-liners and puns in this show are side-splitting hilarious)
~ Pan Am (Another diamond in the ruff (sp?) I didn't see myself watching, but I'm hooked)
~ Up All Night (Funny, yet makes me never want kids)
~ New Girl (Another hilarious show that I loooove)

...and of course there are the usual shows I've been hooked on forever:

~ Any of the Real Housewives shows (Admit it, you like seeing their train of life derail every episode, too)
~ Millionaire Matchmaker (I'm a girl and it's about finding love. Duh.)
~ The Rachel Zoe Project (I want her life, and wardrobe.)

I should probably not list anymore or you'll think less of me ;p

Any other shows you recommend I check out??

Gawgeous Day!

November 8, 2011

Even Oscar LOVES the weather -- and blinds open!
It's such a beautiful day out I had to capture it! I just might have to take a walk around the neighborhood.  I must enjoy it while I can! :)

Wear your sunnies!

Fashion Monday

November 7, 2011

Let's go tribal!
The trend of Tribal Print is popping up everywhere! And I'm diggin' it.

It's a cool take on prints for dresses, shirts, sweaters and even accessories. I'm definitely going to be shopping this look next time I am at the mall or department store.

I've seen some really great dresses (left, via F21) and shirts (right, via F21).
But with the weather turning chilly to cold, I'm on the lookout for a great cozy fabulous sweater in the print. I think a long sweater would look great with leggings, and a (not too) slouchy bag.

One of my new favorite looks!! You should try it, too :)
Happy Monday!

On This Day

November 4, 2011

... in 1922, the entrance to King Tutankhamun's tomb was discovered in Egypt.

Why am I sharing?? Because I find this stuff fascinating. The whole idea of what life was like in Egypt when Pharaohs ruled is so neat-o. I am definitely obsessed with watching shows on King Tut's life (and other graves where those inside have yet to be identified). I'm not much into history, but anything about Egypt sucks me in. Give me a test and I'll pass!!!

It also reminds me of the song (with moves) we used to sing in church: Pharaoh, Pharaoh. Who knows what I'm talking about??

I've also found a cool site all about King Tut. Check it out if you want to read more! There are many shows on National Geographic, too on this subject that I highly recommend.



November 2, 2011

I've relapsed.

Into a candy-eating frenzy filled with Snickers and 100 Grand (my 2 most favorite candy bars).

I was doing so well, too after my first two dentist appointments. My third and almost final one was on Monday and I think the fact that I couldn't eat candy that day got to my head. Either that, or all the chocolate, peanut, caramel goodness did.

I'm only human. I can't help it! I love chocolate and those two candy bars just like I love shoes, the color purple and fairies. Clearly, I'm in need of help! Must. Stop. Eating. Chocolate.

After thinking a lot about this, with each bite, I realized candy that isn't chocolate-peanut-caramel-goodness isn't nearly as good as the kinds that are. And the fun size candy bars are just even more fun to eat. Agree?! Yes? OK, twist my arm... I'll have another one for you.

Thanks, Mom for the candy!

It's almost gone.........