Sweet Nails!

October 27, 2011

In honor of Halloween, I'm putting candy corn on my nails! Not the actual candy -- but a design using nail polish. (As if I had to clarify)

I've put together step-by-step directions on how I sweetened up my nails for Halloween. Give it a try!

1. You'll need all the at-home manicure goodies: nail polish, nail clippers (I like my nails best with a square tip) and a nail file if needed. Q-tips would also be helpful to wipe the excess polish off your skin if you color outside the lines.

2. Paint your nails all orange and let dry for at least a few hours. The longer the better, so the design goes on perfectly.

You can either paint your nails with the rest of the colors in stripes, or make a candy corn-shaped design. Your choice! For me, I chose an actual candy corn design on my middle fingers. I think it's cuter (and not to mention less time-consuming).

3. After the orange is dry, I used straight manicure stickies to make a candy corn outline. Then I painted the white tip and yellow end!

The finished product:

For a little extra sparkle, I added a coat of glitter before finishing with a plain clear coat on top of that! I want these nails to stay past Halloween! ;)

I'm already thinking about my Thanksgiving nails!......

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