Sunday: Steel Pasta

October 9, 2011

Heaven. Right now, I am watching the Steelers play on TV and feeling comfortably full from an early lunch. Pasta + Steelers = two of my favorite things.

Let's focus on pasta for a quick sec. Matt and I decided to make homemade Cavatelli and meatballs for a Sunday meal. It immediately brought me back to my childhood: going to Grandma's every Sunday after church for pasta, plenty of desserts and family time. So many good memories!

Cavatelli, before going in the hot tub.
Cavatelli (& meatballs) after the hot tub and almost in my tummy.
'Hurry up and take the picture' ~Matt
We are stuffed! Even the biggest person in the world couldn't eat many of these... they are filling! (Ps- eating outside on the balcony enjoying the Indian Summer was a perfect addition to our meal.) Such a great Sunday.

Now, back to football -- 3rd period with 5:58 left! Here We Go!!

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