It'll Be A While

October 28, 2011

Until my next blog post that is.

Why? Because as I type this, my parents are on their way to Maryland to visit me!!!!! I am so very excited it's finally here! I've already taken the trash out, vacuumed, dusted, made rice krispy treats, planned dinner, went grocery shopping for dinner and now I need a quick break! It is chilly outside but I had to open the sliding glass door to let some cool air in here.. I'm roasting!

Anywho, A couple random things I though of while at the grocery store:
~never go there hungry
~I hate getting shocked
~stick to your list
~it's very hard carrying ALL the groceries into the apartment solo
~I need to learn patience and take multiple trips unloading groceries
~Old people are nice

That's it for now. Must tidy up a bit more -- maybe sneak a nap in-- and before I know it, I'll be hugging my parents. :)

Have a good weekend, everyone!

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