Fashion Monday

October 10, 2011

Ladies, sit down, throw away the Snuggie and get comfortable... school is in session! This FM edition is all about a fall must-have: chic capes.

They may look complicated to wear but o contraire, my dear! I love this look so much I'm on the hunt for a cape myself. One that's simple and in my price range (both entirely possible). Batman and Robin have nothing on capes now!

The two above look so relaxed and comfy, yet put together. In other words -- they're easy peasy to wear! Just keep one thing in mind: when wearing a cape that has more flowy fabric, keep your bottom half slim. (The second picture shows what I mean better.) Slim pants on the bottom with shoes that show off more of the foot.
You also want to keep your whole outfit more simple: less jewelry, colors, and other accessories. And the all black look on #2?? Gorg! Simple yet able to transition from day to night.

Have you found a great cape? Let me know!

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