Fashion Monday

October 3, 2011

Goooood morning my fashionable friends and family! Happy monday aka the day you all should most look forward to because of my weekly rant about clothes and shoes. Ready? Go!

This Fashion Monday is brought to you by: leather trimmed clothing. I am finding this look so refreshing and fabulous! And, it's catching on: I'm seeing it women like Rachael Ray rocking this look.

Now, if you're going to try it, start out small. This blazer is so feminine with a hint of leather i.e. rocker. It would look great paired with skinny jeans or glammed up for a girl's night out.

In my opinion, the leather looks great with black. The mental picture of a pink jacket with pink leather trim is scary to me, so I think keeping it simple with black is best. We all know black = flattering!

This dress I am drolling over. In a quick Google-ing session I found this little number on the Ralph Lauren website. It couldn't get anymore figure-flattering! The side tie paired with a jet black color lends a soft yet powerful look. And the equestrian buckle?! Such a different way to cinch in a waist other than a tie.

I hope you're sitting because the price is enough to send you running. Regularly $219 BUT it's on sale for $169.90. (gulp) I know I nearly fell off the couch when I saw that, too but after pondering more about it: it could be way worse.
Think of it as an investment piece. It will take you a long way and affordable pieces like this don't come around that often. You have to invest in some clothes that will last and this is one of them. It will look great hanging in your closet.. making your other clothes jealous.

This dress is so versatile and I'm already thinking up all the shoe combinations. Which makes me want to go buy shoes.. Anyway! Look for great leather-trimmed pieces like these. I think it's a must-have for transitioning into fall (I am still not used to this weather) and eventually into winter.
Happy shopping!

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