October 19, 2011

A normal week in the life of Alissa is pretty simple: sleep, work, TV, repeat. But this week I've been a busy bee and it's not even Friday yet! Here's how my week has been:

Monday: Dentist appointment

Tuesday: Target trip for necessities and not-so-necessities (and maybe a walk down the block to Kohl's)

Wednesday: Checking out the King Farm Farmer's Market (literally down the road, however it was raining so I drove)

The great thing? With the exception of my dentist appointment -- I haven't planned anything else! I needed items at Target and I saw information about the farmer's market on Facebook so I decided to check it out. I must say this "getting out" thing is pretty fun!!!

Mum-a-mia, what a gorgeous fall color!!!
I got some beautiful fall mums to brighten up the apartment!! It was so hard to choose what color I wanted, and decided on this pretty deep red color. I just love fall! :)

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