At-Home Manicure

October 6, 2011

I don't know about you, but I love playing with color and designs on my nails. Anything goes! I do keep my nails polish-free often -- until I get an itch for color. From funky colors to different designs I like the idea of a "pop" on nails. Now, this might not be good in all settings (i.e. job interview) but that's what nail polish remover is for. :)

While at Target a few days ago, I decided to get some new polish, a texture polish and a crackle (will blog about crackle when I try it). I must say the texture stuff is pretty cool and easy!
Here's how I did it:

1. Paint your nails with any color of your choice, 2 coats.

2. Apply the 'texture polish.' (below)

I should be a hand model.

3. Always finish with a clear coat --or 2... to seal it all in (and hold off chipping for a while!) (below)

My base nail polish is green!!

Sparkly & fun!

It was easy and all the coats dried really fast. I used an older color and top coat I had, just bought the texture polish. You can totally use it with any color! I will definitely have fun playing with all the combos.

                                                                   Just have fun with it :)

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