Color Me Happy

October 31, 2011

This FM post is to help you spice up the colors in your closet. Just because it's chilly outside doesn't mean you shouldn't wear color. All the more reason to bring it out and let it shine!

I love a look such as the one above: bold colors that you might not put together right away -- but look surprisingly fresh together. And who doesn't have a simple black blazer?! Piperlime can really help you with pairing bold colors.

Don't forget the feet! You can tell by this pic better that color-blocking shoes are so IN. I love this look! They're versatile and the colors just work. Of course they'd look great with black, but why not pair them with an outfit similar to the first picture? You're tying the blue in the pants and shoes -- the other colors are just fun additions that add flair to the outfit. You don't have to be "matchy-matchy" when wearing outfits!
Use color in fun ways. If you see stickers or something else you like the colors/pattern of, translate that into an outfit! :) The possibilities are endless.

Happy Shopping!

Fa la la la la

Cue the... "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" song........ saw this in Michael's Sunday and November hasn't even started!

Too early to put the tree up??

It'll Be A While

October 28, 2011

Until my next blog post that is.

Why? Because as I type this, my parents are on their way to Maryland to visit me!!!!! I am so very excited it's finally here! I've already taken the trash out, vacuumed, dusted, made rice krispy treats, planned dinner, went grocery shopping for dinner and now I need a quick break! It is chilly outside but I had to open the sliding glass door to let some cool air in here.. I'm roasting!

Anywho, A couple random things I though of while at the grocery store:
~never go there hungry
~I hate getting shocked
~stick to your list
~it's very hard carrying ALL the groceries into the apartment solo
~I need to learn patience and take multiple trips unloading groceries
~Old people are nice

That's it for now. Must tidy up a bit more -- maybe sneak a nap in-- and before I know it, I'll be hugging my parents. :)

Have a good weekend, everyone!

Sweet Nails!

October 27, 2011

In honor of Halloween, I'm putting candy corn on my nails! Not the actual candy -- but a design using nail polish. (As if I had to clarify)

I've put together step-by-step directions on how I sweetened up my nails for Halloween. Give it a try!

1. You'll need all the at-home manicure goodies: nail polish, nail clippers (I like my nails best with a square tip) and a nail file if needed. Q-tips would also be helpful to wipe the excess polish off your skin if you color outside the lines.

2. Paint your nails all orange and let dry for at least a few hours. The longer the better, so the design goes on perfectly.

You can either paint your nails with the rest of the colors in stripes, or make a candy corn-shaped design. Your choice! For me, I chose an actual candy corn design on my middle fingers. I think it's cuter (and not to mention less time-consuming).

3. After the orange is dry, I used straight manicure stickies to make a candy corn outline. Then I painted the white tip and yellow end!

The finished product:

For a little extra sparkle, I added a coat of glitter before finishing with a plain clear coat on top of that! I want these nails to stay past Halloween! ;)

I'm already thinking about my Thanksgiving nails!......


October 26, 2011

Our Sunday was spent carving pumpkins!!! After I googled designs I fell in love with the cat one and had to attempt it. (So fitting for us, too)
I was joking that mine is waaay better than Matt's... because he free-styled the boring jack-o-lantern face. ;) But not bad -- and it shaved hours off his carving time than mine. My fingers still hurt from poking the outline and THEN cutting it all out! But it was so much fun. Their home is now outside for all to see!

Happy Halloween!

Fashion Monday

October 24, 2011

This FM is all about a very simple yet effective tip on how to make things easier when trying clothes on.
As a woman who loves fashion and shopping... I was very excited to see these in the dressing room at Kohl's. It's a perfect idea, and one concept I utilize often.
I always try on clothes and put them in a yes pile and no pile (like/love is a bit too similar, and I have a hard enough time making decisions). Until now, I've never seen labeled hooks and I'm excited! If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend. I rarely have to sit and think about an item: it's usually quickly put in an excited yes pile -- or no(t for me). It definitely helps, ladies! Try it for yourself and let me know if it makes things easier for you when shopping. :)



October 19, 2011

A normal week in the life of Alissa is pretty simple: sleep, work, TV, repeat. But this week I've been a busy bee and it's not even Friday yet! Here's how my week has been:

Monday: Dentist appointment

Tuesday: Target trip for necessities and not-so-necessities (and maybe a walk down the block to Kohl's)

Wednesday: Checking out the King Farm Farmer's Market (literally down the road, however it was raining so I drove)

The great thing? With the exception of my dentist appointment -- I haven't planned anything else! I needed items at Target and I saw information about the farmer's market on Facebook so I decided to check it out. I must say this "getting out" thing is pretty fun!!!

Mum-a-mia, what a gorgeous fall color!!!
I got some beautiful fall mums to brighten up the apartment!! It was so hard to choose what color I wanted, and decided on this pretty deep red color. I just love fall! :)

Fashion Monday

October 17, 2011

Brought to you by: S P A R K L E S!!!

I'm really loving several looks incorporating sparkles for daytime. (Fab for night-time, of course -- but I'm focusing on day-time looks)

1. Keep it simple. You don't want to wear a sparkly dress and heels with jewelry. (Not just at work but anytime) To keep it classy and work-appropriate stick with one piece of clothing. If you can get away with it at work -- a sequin top and dark jeans = gorg!

2. Wear one texture/sequin shade at one time. An outfit with glitter, sequins, lace amidst bold colors will make you look like you're trying too hard.

3. Stick with accessories. Don't want to commit to a sparkly top or bottom? Start out with just a headband, belt, or sparkly shoes with a pencil skirt. Just a hint of sparkle = smooth!

Here is one sequin top I'm dying to get my hands on.... it's on sale and still a good price!

These tops are all from J. Lo's new collection at Kohl's. Love!

Now, speaking of sparkle -- I am off to the Dentist to make sure my teeth continue to sparkle ;)

Catching Up

October 15, 2011

It's amazing how much seeing an old friend and catching up over dinner transforms your mood. An old college friend, Nicole, lives and Baltimore and we made plans to meet for dinner. I had been looking forward to it all week -- and it was so much fun (just like I knew it would be). Hello girl's night!!!
We ate at a great restaurant and just talked about life. It's been 3 years since college -- so we had A LOT to fill each other in on. Sometimes you just need to take time out and see those important in your life.
I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder. Talking about life and the frustrations that come with it. Venting, laughing and looking forward to the future while taking the present in stride. Tonight has made me realize even more that I need to get out more, meet up with friends more and have fun! Life is too short to be anything but happy! :-)

"In a friend, you find a second self." ~Isabelle Norton

Fashion Monday

October 10, 2011

Ladies, sit down, throw away the Snuggie and get comfortable... school is in session! This FM edition is all about a fall must-have: chic capes.

They may look complicated to wear but o contraire, my dear! I love this look so much I'm on the hunt for a cape myself. One that's simple and in my price range (both entirely possible). Batman and Robin have nothing on capes now!

The two above look so relaxed and comfy, yet put together. In other words -- they're easy peasy to wear! Just keep one thing in mind: when wearing a cape that has more flowy fabric, keep your bottom half slim. (The second picture shows what I mean better.) Slim pants on the bottom with shoes that show off more of the foot.
You also want to keep your whole outfit more simple: less jewelry, colors, and other accessories. And the all black look on #2?? Gorg! Simple yet able to transition from day to night.

Have you found a great cape? Let me know!

Sunday: Steel Pasta

October 9, 2011

Heaven. Right now, I am watching the Steelers play on TV and feeling comfortably full from an early lunch. Pasta + Steelers = two of my favorite things.

Let's focus on pasta for a quick sec. Matt and I decided to make homemade Cavatelli and meatballs for a Sunday meal. It immediately brought me back to my childhood: going to Grandma's every Sunday after church for pasta, plenty of desserts and family time. So many good memories!

Cavatelli, before going in the hot tub.
Cavatelli (& meatballs) after the hot tub and almost in my tummy.
'Hurry up and take the picture' ~Matt
We are stuffed! Even the biggest person in the world couldn't eat many of these... they are filling! (Ps- eating outside on the balcony enjoying the Indian Summer was a perfect addition to our meal.) Such a great Sunday.

Now, back to football -- 3rd period with 5:58 left! Here We Go!!

At-Home Manicure

October 6, 2011

I don't know about you, but I love playing with color and designs on my nails. Anything goes! I do keep my nails polish-free often -- until I get an itch for color. From funky colors to different designs I like the idea of a "pop" on nails. Now, this might not be good in all settings (i.e. job interview) but that's what nail polish remover is for. :)

While at Target a few days ago, I decided to get some new polish, a texture polish and a crackle (will blog about crackle when I try it). I must say the texture stuff is pretty cool and easy!
Here's how I did it:

1. Paint your nails with any color of your choice, 2 coats.

2. Apply the 'texture polish.' (below)

I should be a hand model.

3. Always finish with a clear coat --or 2... to seal it all in (and hold off chipping for a while!) (below)

My base nail polish is green!!

Sparkly & fun!

It was easy and all the coats dried really fast. I used an older color and top coat I had, just bought the texture polish. You can totally use it with any color! I will definitely have fun playing with all the combos.

                                                                   Just have fun with it :)


October 5, 2011

Ah, the time of the year when the world falls in love. Wait-that's Christmas. But you know what? I'm in love with fall! I'm having a lot of fun switching my wardrobe and decorating for the new season. I adore decorating for seasons and holidays! I went to Michael's yesterday because I needed a few things (glue gun was #1) and I could spend hours in that store. I got the items I specifically came for, and, in my mom's teachings, hit the sale areas. I ended up getting a lot of fall decorations for cheap! The prices are great to begin with, but everything I got was at least 30% off. I love a good sale! I walked out of there with (fake) pumpkins, lots of orange/gold/brown, fall candles and more. I felt like I robbed the place :) Anyway, I just wanted to share my joy on how excited I am for fall and the things to come. Hopefully it involves lots of family time.

I miss you all!

Fashion Monday

October 3, 2011

Goooood morning my fashionable friends and family! Happy monday aka the day you all should most look forward to because of my weekly rant about clothes and shoes. Ready? Go!

This Fashion Monday is brought to you by: leather trimmed clothing. I am finding this look so refreshing and fabulous! And, it's catching on: I'm seeing it women like Rachael Ray rocking this look.

Now, if you're going to try it, start out small. This blazer is so feminine with a hint of leather i.e. rocker. It would look great paired with skinny jeans or glammed up for a girl's night out.

In my opinion, the leather looks great with black. The mental picture of a pink jacket with pink leather trim is scary to me, so I think keeping it simple with black is best. We all know black = flattering!

This dress I am drolling over. In a quick Google-ing session I found this little number on the Ralph Lauren website. It couldn't get anymore figure-flattering! The side tie paired with a jet black color lends a soft yet powerful look. And the equestrian buckle?! Such a different way to cinch in a waist other than a tie.

I hope you're sitting because the price is enough to send you running. Regularly $219 BUT it's on sale for $169.90. (gulp) I know I nearly fell off the couch when I saw that, too but after pondering more about it: it could be way worse.
Think of it as an investment piece. It will take you a long way and affordable pieces like this don't come around that often. You have to invest in some clothes that will last and this is one of them. It will look great hanging in your closet.. making your other clothes jealous.

This dress is so versatile and I'm already thinking up all the shoe combinations. Which makes me want to go buy shoes.. Anyway! Look for great leather-trimmed pieces like these. I think it's a must-have for transitioning into fall (I am still not used to this weather) and eventually into winter.
Happy shopping!