Diagnosis: Sweet Tooth

September 28, 2011

That's pretty much what my dentist appointment boiled down to today.

For picking a professional lab coat-wearer with a bow tie, I did pretty well and can breathe a sigh of relief. I like my dentist!

And in the words of my dude: "Lay off the sweets and soda." Now, I have no clue what 'soda' is, but I don't drink it. Pop, I have every once in a blue moon but now I guess never again (which is not a problem)!

More importantly... sweets?! I have a big issue with cutting those off. Chocolate, sour gummies, salt water taffy (have a box of it as we speak), cookies and cake oh my! That's like telling me I have to lay off the high heels. I will have to work on that.... slowlyyyy. To be honest, I really don't eat that much in sweets. But I guess what I am eating is hurting my gums and teeth. (No cavities ever still though! :)

So, 1 dentist appointment turned into 2 more hour long sessions in which I will be numb. Yikes. Hey, it could be worse and at least I'll have some more fun stuff to blog about! :)

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