Not quite Georgetown Cupcake....

August 22, 2011

.... but way better, duh! Saturday on a whim I made cupcakes. Allow me to toot my own horn in this blog post because they turned out PERFECTO!
These are naked cupcakes... they're cooling!
A few months ago, I bought the silicone cupcake --- thingys and I decided to try them. (I also didn't have any normal liners for our muffin pan). I was a bit weary of them.. how on earth do they not melt?! Would they cook the cupcakes more? Less? Am I just being lazy?
They are so easy to use. I simply read the directions and voila!

Pretty cupcakes with Hershey's chocolate icing!!
And let's be honest: the silicone cups are so cute! Even if you can't bake- you cannot go wrong with silicone cups, boxed cake mix ( I used funfetti) and container icing. Easy peasy! You should definitely try it! The cupcakes come out really easy, too. Another secret: undercook the cupcakes juuuust a bit. That's what I do for everything I bake.

A last-minute cake decoration!
Since I had more batter left over, I made a little birthday cake for our friend's birthday. They came over and we had a lot of fun playing Just Dance/Guitar Hero, went out to dinner and to the Maryland Ag Fair. It was an awesome weekend.

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