Fall Wardrobe

August 29, 2011

In the second edition of "Fashion Monday" I thought I'd share some great websites to find great fall pieces for transitioning your wardrobe out of summer.
I do a lot of online shopping/searching and I find it to be what mostly works for me (although now I have a mall TOO close ;). About 90% of the time, I find great deals too good to pass up online. 

The first website I'm obsessing over (not just this time of year either) is Piperlime. It's from the same company as Gap and Banana Republic but it's only online. The selection is quite different from G & BR but I find myself shopping Piperlime way more often. I love their selection -- and prices!
They have special look books for 'girl on a budget' plus trends and more. I love to check those out to see what's hot and not.
This site is ah-mazing for fabulous and budget-friendly clothes.. I've already gotten some good pieces in the mail for fall. :)

Another website I am drooling over is Steve Madden. Shoes, shoes, shoes... and fabulous ones for your feet! I'm in loooove with his shoes -- all of them. I could look at this site for hours and always find way more shoes than I need and can afford. From ballet flats to 5-inchers, there are shoes for every outfit and event. Just like my mom taught me, I always check the sale shoes too. There are some great deals, you just have to look!

I'm no self-proclaimed "fashion expert" -- I just read and watch a lot about fashion. I'm ready for fall but only because of my wardrobe (and adding to it) :)

Fashion sidenote: For any website (or store) I shop at, I always sign up for emails. I get many daily deals and that's how I save much more money. I highly recommend it! I don't have much money to spend and who doesn't love a good deal?! 

Happy Shopping!! xo

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