Apple Pie

August 9, 2011

Matt and I had a nice relaxing weekend at the apartment. Things have been stressful for me and I love baking to feel better.
I had frozen pie crusts that I needed to use, so while at Costco we picked up apples to make the pie. (Thanks for the rushed email with recipes, Mom!)
I ended up making 2 pies because I did a crumb topping instead of pie crust on top. It's made up of oats, cold butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Mix it together until it's crumbly and pour over the pies before you bake them. YUM! I think I like the crumb topping better than the pie crust because I don't like a lot of crust.
Let me tell you baking is fun, a stress-reliever and it makes the apartment smell amazing. My apple pies came out amazing and it couldn't have been more simple. I think I need another slice of pie now.......


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