Saturday Fun

July 30, 2011

Day 25: A picture(s) of your day.

Our booty: Bread, Peachesss, Applesss, Apple Butter and Vino!
Ah, Saturday.  The sun is shinin' and time for me to relax.  We did get out of the apartment though!  I had seen on the events page of our newspaper that every Wednesday and Saturday there is a Farmer's Market.  I have never done the FM thing, but like the idea of fresh produce and supporting local businesses.  So Matt and I set out (walked) to the park where it is held.  I was surprised how small it was and how little people were there.  It was great though!  There were about 6 vendors selling everything from bread, empanadas, and fruit/veggies to "fresh killed chicken" (no kidding, that's what the sign said next to the cooler).  As you can see we were a little weary and didn't go the meat route.  Instead we got a lot of fresh bread, fruit and locally-made wine (after a tasting)!  It was really fun and so great we can walk there.  Can't wait to go back again!!!

That's a beautiful bowl of fruit right there.

Happy eating!

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