July 11, 2011

Knights of Columbus it's been a busy weekend and Monday for me.

Weekend: GREAT.  And it went too fast.  Friday and Sunday we relaxed but Saturday we went down to the Bay, this time with Matt's boss and family.  It was so relaxing -- and sunny (I have the sunburn to prove it, too) I want to go back!  I also want a boat.  Biiiig boat.  So let me share some pictures I took.. cause I like pictures.

We were at a marina right by the Bay Bridge! Gorg!

The owner of this boat is a big wig at J. Crew!! Can a girl get some free clothes???

I then found this cruise ship, and found myself wanting to be on it.
Well, time for more Aloe on my sunburned back!

PS~ Today I took my car for its emissions test and it passed!  It's almost sold and out of my hands :)

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