It's A Sad Day...

July 12, 2011

Disclaimer: I still bleed Black & Gold.
OK, 82% happy and whatever-the-rest-is-left% sad.  I'm finally selling my car, after posting it on Craigslist a bajillion times.  Matt and I are down to 1 vehicle since I'm still driving to work.  It's been weeks and a thread of nearly 40 emails as well as getting recalls and emissions tests taken care of.  Now, all I'm waiting for is my Title to come in the mail.  That little piece of paper is the only thing stopping me from driving to AAA and transferring this car out of my hands.

Oh yeah, let me get to the picture above.  I am selling my car to a Redskins fan. (Ew, do I even need a capitol 'R'?)  He (nicely) requested I take the Steelers swag off my car before it's in his hands (something about 'I'm a 'skins fan and I can't let my friends see that).

As I was standing outside in the heat advisory/1000-degree weather, peeling the white glowing letters off I was bummed.  Now I can't zip around in my car sporting (pun not really intended) the best NFL team and probably ticking off drivers, thus causing road rage (hm, that explains all the mean drivers).  I'm excited to sell my car and save that much more money but now I just have to figure out how to still flaunt my team :)

Well, I do have a nice new Explorer now ................. ;)

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