A Boost

July 19, 2011

The mug is so nice I don't ever want to use it!

What a long week it's been already!  But last night I got the best surprise.... a package from the soldier I adopted!!!  I was completely shocked and excited.
When I signed up through Soldier's Angels and read the information forums, they said don't expect to hear back from your soldier.  They're obviously busy, tired, and work long days.  I was OK with that (a little bummed, but I can only imagine what life is like for him) and hoped I could help just by writing and sending packages.  Boy did I get a treat!  He sent me an Operation Enduring Freedom mug, and two letters that are a couple pages long each. It was the coolest feeling to read the letters and get to know him.
This has definitely given me the "oompf" that I desperately needed to get out of this weekly funk.  I'm getting his first package together: snacks, toiletries and reading materials that he requested.  I'm excited to send it and for him to feel a little more like he's not so far away.  It makes me feel good to help someone else.  You should try it :)

PS ~ Thank you, Sgt. Jose and all the other troops out there for making such tall sacrifices!

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