Was There A Weekend??

June 13, 2011

Yowzers!  I am so tired my eyes are burning.  It was a long weekend that flew by (I know it doesn't make sense) and it went down like this:
Friday: Matt and I ran to our new apartment to sign the lease, and tried to get money orders. (who accepts those anymore?!  Apparently, our apartment HAS to have them for the 1st months rent.) Then to the MVA to get titles/plates transferred.  Since we had all the paperwork :-o we had to drive to Lancaster and AAA with Matt's mom to finalize it all.  We left to come back Saturday afternoon.
Saturday: >>cue relaxing & doing nothing.<<
Sunday: I left at 11:45am to Freelance for my friend Matt and the Kennedy Center.  From 1p-11p I advanced 225 powerpoint slides for an awards Gala.  Then, I drove the 3 minutes to work, slept in the parking lot for an hour and a half, which brings us to
Monday: working 12:30am-9am.

Breathe... stretch, shake.. BED!  Night night 0:-)

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