Happy Father's Day!

June 20, 2011

It's another holiday where I get to basically brag about my amazing family.  So I'll get right into it: This one's for you, Dad. :)

He doesn't like to just smile in picture!
I have THE best Dad.... hands down, ever, in the history of dads since cavemen.. mine is the greatest.  There are so many thoughts I want to get into this post about why he is who he is, so I hope I cover them all - though it'll never do enough justice.
First of all, (and I get this comment ALL the time) my Dad is fun.  Yep, I said it. F-U-N.  I like to say he's like a little kid!  And anyone who has had the privilege of meeting him always says how funny and cool he is. I have no problem admitting it.  I can remember my whole life how much fun we've had as a family with my father leading the way.  Life's too short to be a grump and when I'm around him, I'm not.  He certainly brings out the goofball in me, too.  We've been to Penguins games, amusement parks, sled riding, camping, family vacations and much more together and it's a blast.  Stomach-pains-I-can't-stop-laughing-blast.

Ready to take over the world!

In addition to being funny, my dad is smart.  He didn't go to college right out of high school like everyone else (and neither did I) but you know what?  He's thriving in the world and is living proof it's never too late to earn a degree -- or several.  After graduating from Westminster, he went on to Purdue for his Masters.  It's been almost a year since my Mom, siblings, and Grandparents drove to Indiana to see my Dad walk across that stage, cheering him on.  I didn't think I'd be so emotional like I was, but I was SO incredibly proud.  I kept thinking, 'That's my Dad!'  He is such a smart man and hard worker and earned those degrees!  He was at my HS and college graduations, and I got to be at his.  How cool! ;)

My parents are so cute.
To recap: my Dad is fun, funny, smart and great.  He is also a wonderful husband and role model. The total package, my mom is lucky and one day I want a marriage like theirs.  My Dad knows how to treat my mom well and they're so darn cute!  Actions speak louder than words and his actions speak volumes...
He also gives great advice mostly because he's been down the roads I've been.  I always hate (I mean, hated) hearing his advice or asking because I know what he'd say.  But really, he's been there done that.  Set curtains on fire and put my Grandparents through the ringer... but when I need advice (even now at my old age) I call him up (because he never calls me) and he knows just what to say.  I love that!
Now, the list could go on and on about how superb my Dad is- but he doesn't need to know that.  (Who am I kidding? He's the only follower of my blog!)
So here are some of my all-time faaavorite memories of my Dad:
A thorn between 2 roses
Having braces and visiting the Orthodontist together
"Family meetings" (Kristin, Jeremy, Travis -- you know what I'm talking about)
Playing games & jumping on the trampoline at our house in Jackson center (Dad breaking my leg on the trampoline)
Our huge family trip out West
Hockey practices
Trips to Wal-Mart before I was driving (you miss it!)
Family holidays (duh!)
Backyard volleyball
To name a few.

"The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get." ~ Tim Russert
"My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." ~ Clarence B. Kelland

Love you and I can't wait to see you when I come home in July ya big weenie! xoxo

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