10 Days...

June 24, 2011

I couldn't find an actual picture I took, so again I Googled an image.

So listen up everyone.  I turn 26 in exactly 10 days and I'm 83% excited!  Turning 26: not so much.  Although it IS an even number.  What I'm excited about is having a birthday.  I feel as though I haven't had one in years!  (I am not kidding)  I want to do something fun, great, different to celebrate.  Matt and I will be home with my family for it and I cannot wait.  But why not celebrate like the whole month of July??  I've already decided I'm getting a facial and treating myself to a haircut.  (My locks haven't been cut since January!)  But what else could I do?  Maybe Matt has a surprise up his sleeve..........

Well, just in case, here are 10 ideas of gifts you all can send/bring me anytime in the month of July:

1. A real vacation -- like Florida, California or hey why not splurge and take me out of the US ;)
2. A Kindle
3. World Peace
4. Louboutins (black, tan or leopard to start my collection)
5. Something silver in a little blue box
6. A husky
7. Apple's Macbook
8.Gift cards to my favorite stores
9. An endless supply of lip gloss
10. I am in need of a pedicure
11. Wait, I only kept the list at ten.  If you need more ideas, I will help you out. And, as always checks can be made out to Alissa Kelly.

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