Week End

May 16, 2011

So Matt and I actually had a nice relaxing weekend and it was just what I needed...and everyone needs once in a while. 
Friday night we were supposed to go kayaking but it was canceled due to weather so instead we went on an impromptu date night!  It all started with finding a Salvation Army to give a lot of clothes away to and our GPS took us to the SA Business Office.. which was closed and no donation bins to be found. Weekend: 1 Matt & Alissa: 0. 
We also went out to eat at Outback (yum!) because we had a gift card we forgot about!  Weekend: 1 Matt & Alissa: 1.  Then, we also had a Target gift card to use so we went there and got some essentials!  I do believe that brings our score to Weekend: 1 Matt & Alissa: 2

Saturday, after sleeping in, Matt and I gave the apartment a MUCH needed cleaning from top to bottom.  A very clean apartment = a VERY happy Alissa.  Then we watched Netflix movies, and were pretty much bumps on a log. 

Oh yeah and we made our own pizza!!!  I was feeling a bit tired of pasta (!), and I have a recipe for pizza dough so I said let's make it!
It ended up being huge (we could only eat 2 pieces each which is rare) and the great thing: we used leftover ingredients in our refrigerator!  The cheese was a shredded mix of Asiago and other yummy Italian cheeses then we had a small block of.. more Asiago which we grated up.  And we had a little bag of real bacon bits left so we threw those on top, too.  AH-MAZING.  Fattening, perhaps, but still amazing.  It sure was fun to make!

We also found a yummy fruity drink online to make!  Very simple: just pineapple juice, coconut rum topped off with a little bit of sprite.  And we had pineapple chunks that I cut and garnished on the rim of the glass! :)  Cute, huh?
It's the little things in life -- and weekends like these -- that make me happy and relaxed from a stressful work week.  I love to get out and do fun things, but hey -- vegging out for a weekend is just as fun!!!
How was your weekend?!

P.S.  I think it's now: Weekend: 1 Matt & Alissa 5783 ;)

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