A Summer Hairstyle Idea

April 21, 2011

Having really curly hair and all, I won't be able to straighten it much longer with the much warmer/humid weather so close (I'm not complaining though).  So, I've been thinking of a new hairstyle I can work... that will let me leave at least some curls that my family loves.  I think I found it... in Carrie Underwood.

Pic 1
 Take a good look at these pictures.  I'm thinking more like the Pic 4: longer loose curls skimming my shoulders/collarbone.  I feel as though I can't go any longer than that because my face begins to look -- fatter.  (Just something I noticed when I had really long hair back in the day) 

While I still have to consult with my hairdresser (whoever that will be) I'm thinking I could also style it a bit more straight/wavy as pictured in the other photos, too.  That way, I have more than 1 way to wear it: curls for the days I might be outside more, and wavy for special nights (pics 2 & 3).  Does any of this make sense?!

Pic 2
 I need something different, cute, stylish and conducive to the weather/my natural hair.  Not too short, long, straight... you get the idea!  A good thing that's working in my favor: I haven't had my hair cut since February 12th (good thing I write everything in my planner) so it's been growing.
Thoughts on my... thoughts?? Lay (er) it on me!  :)
Pic 3
Pic 4

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