How Do You Know?

April 19, 2011

... when you want to take a different path in life?  When you are drained of your dream, realizing it probably won't happen.. and if it's even worth being miserable.  I'm getting very confused about my path in life lately.  I have an extreme love/hate relationship with my career now.  There are a lot more cons than pros and I don't see that changing ever, honestly.  What I'm finding difficult (besides my schedule, etc) is the fact that I was SO passionate about my career path and knew exactly what I want to do when I was in college.  I took the right classes (and excelled), worked my butt off at the campus TV station and earned a degree in my field.  However, I am just not feeling it anymore.  It's a tough business: the hours, stress, people and live TV stresses me out.  Am I cut out for this?  Do I want to do this anymore?  I want nothing more than to have a Monday to Friday job, normal hours, weekends off to de-stress and lead a normal life.  Aka: NOT the television business.  I have no clue what else I'd want to do, which leaves me wondering if I'm just freaking myself out and worrying too much. But at the same time, should I really stay where I'm at now if I'm miserable daily.. but too stubborn to let my degree go to waste??  HELP!! :(

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