I Can't Imagine

April 21, 2011

Day 14: A picture of someone you can't imagine your life without.

You guess it!!  This one was hard because I can't live without my family, too.  But life is amazing with them and Matt in it.  He's my best friend and I love him soo much!  He makes the world a better place and I'm thankful we're together.
Happy 1 year, 1 month and 1 day. <3

A Summer Hairstyle Idea

Having really curly hair and all, I won't be able to straighten it much longer with the much warmer/humid weather so close (I'm not complaining though).  So, I've been thinking of a new hairstyle I can work... that will let me leave at least some curls that my family loves.  I think I found it... in Carrie Underwood.

Pic 1
 Take a good look at these pictures.  I'm thinking more like the Pic 4: longer loose curls skimming my shoulders/collarbone.  I feel as though I can't go any longer than that because my face begins to look -- fatter.  (Just something I noticed when I had really long hair back in the day) 

While I still have to consult with my hairdresser (whoever that will be) I'm thinking I could also style it a bit more straight/wavy as pictured in the other photos, too.  That way, I have more than 1 way to wear it: curls for the days I might be outside more, and wavy for special nights (pics 2 & 3).  Does any of this make sense?!

Pic 2
 I need something different, cute, stylish and conducive to the weather/my natural hair.  Not too short, long, straight... you get the idea!  A good thing that's working in my favor: I haven't had my hair cut since February 12th (good thing I write everything in my planner) so it's been growing.
Thoughts on my... thoughts?? Lay (er) it on me!  :)
Pic 3
Pic 4

How Do You Know?

April 19, 2011

... when you want to take a different path in life?  When you are drained of your dream, realizing it probably won't happen.. and if it's even worth being miserable.  I'm getting very confused about my path in life lately.  I have an extreme love/hate relationship with my career now.  There are a lot more cons than pros and I don't see that changing ever, honestly.  What I'm finding difficult (besides my schedule, etc) is the fact that I was SO passionate about my career path and knew exactly what I want to do when I was in college.  I took the right classes (and excelled), worked my butt off at the campus TV station and earned a degree in my field.  However, I am just not feeling it anymore.  It's a tough business: the hours, stress, people and live TV stresses me out.  Am I cut out for this?  Do I want to do this anymore?  I want nothing more than to have a Monday to Friday job, normal hours, weekends off to de-stress and lead a normal life.  Aka: NOT the television business.  I have no clue what else I'd want to do, which leaves me wondering if I'm just freaking myself out and worrying too much. But at the same time, should I really stay where I'm at now if I'm miserable daily.. but too stubborn to let my degree go to waste??  HELP!! :(

Back to THOSE nights

April 11, 2011

Whew lordie - I know it's been a while, but I've been trying to adjust to this overnight schedule again!!  I had hoped I never had to go there for the rest of my life -- but here we are.  Back to the tough don't-call-me-past-2pm-life. 
Work has been great though.  SO much better than freelancing, it's amazing how a different position within the same company makes a huge difference.  Since I wrote on the weekends, I already knew the ropes now I'm just brushing up on some minor things and learning the way of the station on how to format things for the show.  It feels good to be back writing/producing again though!  And hello benefits.... (I really need to sign up for them ASAP though..)
So that's the work aspect.  Now let's backtrack to two weekends ago: my sister and brother-in-law came to visit!  Our FIRST visitors and I was such a blast.  I loved being a hostess: making dinner, making sure sheets and things were clean in preparation of what was sure to be an amazing weekend.  It did not disappoint.  I was training that week, and worked until 7pm so I was very antsy knowing they arrived around 5.  I got home Friday night and it was wonderful to see them.  We just relaxed, talked, ate dinner knowing the next day we'd be covering a lot of ground in DC.
Saturday we were up early and got back late.  I haven't walked that much in a long time and even though all our feet and backs hurt times a zillion, we had a blast.  We were at the National Mall, Arlington National Cemetery, Georgetown Cupcake, Capitol, the Tidal Basin to experience the Cherry Blossoms for the first time.. and let's not forget the Metro.  There were certainly a lot of people out - but it was such a great experience going all those places and every time I'm there, it's like the first time: it never gets old.  Sunday we slept in, relaxed, I made a fabulous lunch and early afternoon they were on their way home - - and I was on my way to bed to prepare for my first overnight of work.  What a great weekend!  I've posted some pictures below :)