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March 13, 2011

Day #9: A picture of the person who has gotten you through the most.

My Grandma, Mom & Nunnie <3

In true Alissa fashion, and not sticking to the exact description, I chose three lovely ladies who have gotten me through a lot in life.
My Grandma.  She is a strong woman and will leave you practically peeing your pants because you're laughing so hard at the things she says.  Growing up, Sundays after church were always spent at her and my Grandpa's house eating a good Italian meal and spending time with each other.  I will cherish those for the rest of my life.  I look at her life and the way she lives it: patience, love, gratefulness, Godliness and so much more.  Though I might not have asked her advice on life's many issues, actions speak louder than words and her actions speak volumes.
My Mom.  She is definitely my Grandma's daughter :)  She possesses the same fabulous qualities that I look up to and admire.  My mom has had to deal with a lot of my shenanigans (and not just throwing rocks or metal airplanes at my brother growing up) yet she is patient, kind and always there to help.  I hope one day to be the same kind of mother and person to my children.
My Nunnie.  God bless her for raising my Dad!  (Just kidding- I wouldn't trade my father for any other guy, he's so great)  She is also a woman who has helped me through a lot though she may not know it.  In her hugs, kind words, conversations and wisdom I really want to emulate all of the qualities of her and the other two women.  I see on a regular basis how to live life, enjoy each day and never take anything for granted.
And I definitely don't take these three women for granted.  They are funny, loving and caring -- and have helped me through a lot in life!  Love you all, and can't wait to see them soon!!! :)

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