My Favorite Artist

March 28, 2011

Day #13: A picture of your favorite band or artist.

I <3 John Mayer.  I can remember way back when I was listening to his music, and I've grown to love this man and his music even more!  I have burned CD's of all his albums, and I went out to buy his newest one, Battle Studies, the day it came out.  His song lyrics are so amazing - and every time I listen to them I realize something new in his words. 
Of course, his voice is to die for: so soothing and amazing I could just sit and let him serenade me for hours.  John Mayer was also my first real concert.  I got Matt and I tickets to his Battle Studies tour in DC for his birthday.  The concert was so fantastic!  On our drive there, Matt and I were trying to figure out what song he'd open up with.  After many guesses- I don't think either one of us got it right!  lol  He opened with Heartbreak Warfare, with his guitar strumming as the curtains opened.  I will never forget that! 
As if his voice was enough to make me melt, his guitar playing abilities are phenomenal.  He can play on the floor, behind his back, slow, then his fingers just go crazy fast.  It is so cool to watch.  Though at times in the public eye, his comments really ticked people off (including me) but you gotta admit he's a great artist.  I leave you with the opening song of his concert, Heartbreak Warfare.  Imagine being in this crowd.. I get chills every time I think back to this!!


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