Just Rubbing For Good Luck

March 9, 2011

Day #8: A picture that makes me laugh.

This picture does a really good job of cracking me up when I see it.  Let me give you the story: it was the Summer of 2007, and my parents and sister came to NYC for my last day at Fox News Channel.  They came to the Fox & Friends greenroom for the show with me, went into the studio while I did the weather live, then afterward we did some sightseeing. 
Ever since seeing Hitch I have wanted to visit this stock market bull -- and we found it!  I was so excited and in awe that part of the movie was filmed right there (I'm a dork, I know).  SO many people surrounded the statue: taking pictures, touching it even climbing on it.  And I just happened to know that one is supposed to rub it's (ahem) balls for good luck.  It might have been my idea, but as you can see my sister didn't go for it.  My mom and I on the other hand.... just went with it!  LOL  I was cracking up the whole time and as people around us saw how we were posing - they laughed, too.  It was such a fun time with my family.  Why not be crazy and have a good laugh in the Big Apple?!  :)  A great end to the best summer of my life.  I must get this picture framed..... (and lightened). 

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