Don't Ever Wear Crocs

March 17, 2011

Day #11: A picture of something you hate.

OK- do I need to write anything about this??!  While I enjoy the fun colors in this picture I HATE Crocs.
Why?  They are the ugliest "shoes" ever made.  Feet are not the most attractive things to begin with, so why would you want to slip them into these things?  It makes you look like you have foot fungus, and were prescribed special "shoes" to air out the smell seeping from the pores.  (too graphic?)
Crocs also make your feet look HUGE.  And who wants that?!  Oh goodness just thinking of them and looking at this picture is enough to make me gag.  Why not wear a fabulous sneaker, flip flop with bling, a wedge, espadrille - - the possibilities are endless, people!  Thankfully, I don't see many people wearing these, so I hope they are (quickly) going out of style.  Give me some heels any day!!

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