All This... And I Scrapbook, Too

March 22, 2011

Day #12: A picture of something you love.

My scrap-booking center!
I could create a very long list of what I love: (color, high heels, summer, the beach)... but there is one thing I want to put in this post I can't get enough of:

S C R A P B O O K I N G :)
I got into it years ago when I was really young because my Aunt used to sell Creative Memories, a company that has all things scrapbooking.  My mom, sister and I would go to parties and classes with a women at our church.  We bought albums, stickers, paper and other supplies and my love of scrapbooking grew from there.
I have a scrapbook I did when I was young and it's so funny to go through and look at the pictures/events and my horrible spelling.  (Memmories??!  Really?)
With high school graduation, college and college graduation happening I got away from doing it.  But during those years in my life, I still took so many pictures (I love taking pictures, perfect for a scrapbooker) which I never got developed since the digital camera.  Until recently, my pictures have just sat on my computer.  But since moving, getting an album for Christmas, and having a friend here that shares my hobby, I've jumped right back in. 
I felt so overwhelmed when I looked at all my pictures that needed developed, but discovered Snapfish -- a website that makes it incredibly easy (and cheap) to get lots of pictures at one time.  I usually wait until there is a special then I order a bunch of pictures (which is often, surprisingly).  I've organized my picture box, have a list of events to put in my scrapbook and doing a little at a time.  Don't get overwhelmed!  I definitely don't feel that way anymore.
I'm currently working on my scrapbook of Matt and I: our 'story' and all the fun things we've done together... that I can keep adding to.  Scrap-booking is also fun because as you create each page, you also find yourself reminiscing about the people and events in the pictures.  It's my biggest hobby and one of my favorite ways to relieve stress.  (Who wouldn't want to get their pictures organized in a fun way to keep forever?!!)

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