To My Sister

February 10, 2011

Day #2: A picture of you and someone you have been close with for a while.

(OK- before I move on... I have some exciting news!.... At work today I met Stephen Lang aka the star of Avatar, Law & Order: SVU & CI, The Men Who Stare At Goats AND (fun fact I just saw) he was even in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where he played a criminal gun shooter.  Cool huh?  I think so.  He was such a nice man, very down to earth and hilarious.  Another thing: since I was the floor director for the entertainment show he was on, I even had to mic him!  Sometimes.. in a very rare moon, my job is cool.)

Anywho.. onto day 2.  (hey, that rhymed!)

<--- So, this is a picture of my sister and I.  Growing up we were typical siblings: fighting, civilized, fighting again... that happens in every household though, right?  Right??! 
We are only 14 months apart and I can remember SO many times growing up when people would ask us if we were twins.  (Then later on in life, people would ask if I was the older one, so I just went with it. hehehe)  I also have fond memories of playing outside, (when we shared a bedroom) we would help each other study and, when forced to eat our veggies at the dinner table, help the other pile peas in a crumpled napkin.  (Sorry, Mom! :) Oh yeah- and for the week I tried to learn the flute, she'd steal it from me which made me give it up.  (OK maybe I'm exaggerating- I wasn't into the flute)
I chose my sister because even growing up we were growing closer together.  We've been on family vacations, weddings (including my sissy's own!) together as well as the ups and downs of life.  But through it all, and especially now, I feel like I can tell her anything.  We've grown much closer even while we were at college and now that we're in separate states.  I miss her dearly!  We love scrapbooking and shopping together and it's fun to be around her.  She's a jokester!!  We have a lot of laughs and talks... and she is a great role model as well.  Maybe someday we can live down the road from one another.  Then we could do everything together!!  Woohoo!  So let's hear it for my sister Kristin!!!! I <3 you!

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