My New Favorite Show, Meoww

February 20, 2011

I have GOT to share this on my blog because it totally makes me feel happy and, therefore, good (as stated  in my blog title). 
It all started when a coworker told me about a show called Must Love Cats on Animal Planet last Sunday.  After talking about it for hours and watching clips on the show's website, I made a mental note to watch it Saturday (yesterday).  TOTALLY forgot to watch it, until I was channel surfing and saw it on the TV guide (1 minute before it started!).  So I settled it, woke Matt up because I was SO excited to watch it, and two hours later was the happiest person on the earth.  Why?  Because I LOVE CATS.  Loove.  We had so many growing up - and still have one at home who is the best we've had yet (miss you, Chino) and Matt has 3 at home we wish we desperately miss. 
The show follows a young man who literally travels all around the U.S. searching for cats and cat lovers to share their stories.  There was a tree climber who literally does nothing but rescues cats from treetops, folks who have kitty hotels, cat sanctuaries and much more.  It was soo neat!  He even visited and played with kittens which made me melt they were so tiny and playful! 
One kitty tale was of Cooper: a cat photographer.  Yep.  His owners put a lightweight camera on his collar one day and let him roam freely like he normally does.  The camera takes a picture from his purrrr-spective (couldn't help it) every 2 minutes and they are really neat to see.  He has tons of developed and framed pictures in a gallery selling for over $200 and a book in the works!  Everything from other neighborhood cats to grass and the owner's baby.  I seriously want one of his pictures (some day).  Now they're even putting a video camera on him!  And watch out, he even has a Twitter account.
The point is: you NEED to see this cat, show or at least check out the show's website and watch some videos (links above).  It'll make you happy, just as it did me.  Why didn't I come up with this show idea?!?!!!!  More importantly- maybe the host needs a female co-host?!....


  1. Oh no! Now your mother is going to have me watching that show along with What-Not-To-Wear


  2. You're welcome :) I told her ALL about it on the phone the other day, too!!

  3. I found a great solution to this problem... fall asleep.


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