Figure Skating

February 16, 2011

Day #5: A picture of your favorite memory.

In pondering this day's picture.. one of the many favorite memories that came to mind is going to hockey practices with my Dad.  He was a hockey coach for a local team of young men and I can remember so many nights packing up my homework, driving to the ice rink with the family for practice.  Without fail, every time we arrived I wanted to lace up and skate with the players and my Dad immediately, but (at Mom's request) I just HAD to get my homework done first.  So I would fly through my work, lace up my skates, and hit the ice to work on my triple axels.  
I would skate around, twirl around, wish I could do more elaborate moves and just really feel free!  It was so much fun to be at practice with the group, doing my own thing while I also saw my Dad being a teacher.  I can also fondly remember trying to do the fancy stop hockey players do (aka 'shave ice').  I never did quite get it.  I preferred (and still do) figure skates to hockey skates because I like to have the front pick to twirl.  haha! 
And let's not forget the time that my sister fell on the ice, broke her chin open gushing blood on the ice.  Instead of freaking out and skating away, all the players skated through it.  I will never forget that!! 
I fondly look back on those days and still wish I would've taken figure skating lessons.  I even had my own pair of white figure skates, until they were too small for my feet. :/ 
Someday I'd like to get back into skating more.. maybe play (or try to) my Dad in hockey since he's awesome at it!!  He's had quite the hockey career: coaching and playing himself into his 30's.  Another reason my Dad is awesome! xoxo

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