WHAT A Game!!!!!!

January 16, 2011

I was so pumped for the Steelers game, and also alittle nervous too because the Ravens are pretty good (though it pains me to say)
But my Steelers got it done in true fashion!  We crushed them birds 31-24.  Such an amazing win coming off a bad first half of the game-- only getting 7 points on the board but boy did we come back better than EVER in the second half to take our reign!!!!
Matt and I stayed in and watched the game in HD with snacks and beer.  We were going to check out a Steelers bar in Maryland near us (there's a lot around!) but we decided to save money on drinks and relax at the apartment.  Fine by me!  I'll take the couch and big TV to watch a nail-biter game.  I was literally sitting on the edge of the couch at times.. jumping up and down in celebration and disgust at some calls and events.  But you know what?  We did it!  It was such a great game.  I was so nervous: my heart pounding, racing (maybe I shouldn't have been jumping up and down screaming) and waving my Terrible Towel like I was at the game.. probably how every one of those players felt.
I am SO stoked we won, I can't even tell you!!!!  My voice is a little..... sore today from screaming and celebrating (as Matt looks on thinking I'm crazy)  but I'm just so proud of this team.  They regrouped at half time and came back to win it.  They deserved to win it.  I LOVE the city of Pittsburgh -- the Steelers (and other teams of course) and all of us fans are THE best.  Seriously.  We are so proud of our players and always have faith.
Pittsburgh has been in the AFC title game in 2001, '04, '05 and '08, and won the Super Bowl the last two times it got this far.
At work yesterday, sporting my Steelers jersey, I got to talking about the Steelers and sports in general with a couple people I work with.  One woman said to me: "The fans in Pittsburgh are.... they're.... very into their teams." LOL  Yes, yes we are.  :)

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