January 21, 2011

I never get sick.  I can always remember in high school my friends and classmates who would constantly miss school due to sickness, even at my last job coworkers would miss a lot of days -- and here's me: always at school and work!  I never get sick... until now.  All yesterday morning at work I felt normal: no coughing, just thirsty/tired.. the usual.  But within the last two hours of my shift, I began coughing and had major chills that felt like pin pricks all over my body.  I couldn't wait to be done with work and the drive back to the apartment.  Once I got back, I threw on my sweats, turned on the TV and crashed on the couch.  I couldn't stop coughing, felt cold then hot, nauseous and even had a bad headache.  I ended up going to bed around 3:30 and fell asleep until Matt woke me up when he got home from work around 6.  I sat on the couch, had chicken noodle soup (with extra noodles) for dinner and went to bed early.  I'm so not used to this!!  It hasn't been fun that's for sure.  I feel better today: most of the chills and nausea have disappeared.  I'm still coughing up gook (what a pretty picture, I know) and don't feel quite like myself yet.  It must just be a passing cold.... that won't last long.  I hope you all stay away from the nasty bugs out there!!

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