Our First Major Snow

January 28, 2011

So Wednesday evening we got a mayjah snow fall!  It started shortly after late afternoon and man it came down fast!
I, fortunately, had the day off.... which was quickly ruined by a text from my boss saying Thursday morning we were going on the air at 4am and I had to be there at 3:30am.  Talk about a kill-joy!!!!!
So in an hour or two before I had to go to bed (waay early than you all) I was snapping pictures of the snow -- while watching the local news.  It turned ugly fast as people were told to go home from work early, which caused traffic volumes worse than a normal day.  To make matters worse, the snow was very heavy and slushy at first.  It took commuters HOURS to get home... or even go a few miles.  Luckily, I wasn't driving in it.. but really felt for those who were smack dab in the middle of it.
Fast-forward through to reeaaalllly early Thursday morning and the ground was covered with several inches of snow.  Nothing plowed or moved - guess who wasn't getting to work in a Civic.  So I had to wake Matt up and he took me to work.  Even in his SUV we had some problems in areas!  Nothing was plowed even a little bit and there were abandoned cars all over the roads -- evidence of impatient people or those who ran out of gas.  Even tractor trailers were not moving.
And man work was long.  Nothing but snow coverage from 4a-9a then 4 more shows after that.  Whew!  My wonderful boyfriend even came to pick me up from work (he didn't have to work).  It was such a long chaotic day! 
This pic to the right was taken this afternoon -- and the roads in our development are STILL not plowed!!  So incredibly frustrating.  All that snow and slush-turned-ice is just sitting there getting worse for us drivers.  Hopefully that is plowed before I have to drive to work tomorrow morning.......
It looks like next week we are on the map to get more snow.. hopefully it's not much!
I just have one question: Can we fast FAST forward to summer... say... July-ish??

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