Ice Ice Baby

January 19, 2011

So Monday night we were hit with freezing rain that turned to ice.  When I left for work early Tuesday morning, I walked out and stopped to look around.  Ice... everywhere.  The steps, all around the parking lot, curbs, and hugging each car sitting in its space.  After mentally preparing myself to not fall, I started to walk to my car- down the steps across the parking lot, grass (which was also icy) and finally there. 
Then I looked at my car.  There was a good inch or so of PURE ice EVERYWHERE on it!!!  (I wish I would've taken a picture, but I was extremely tired and not thinking about it so early.)  I started my car, turned on the defrosters and grabbed my scraper.  It took quite a while and a lot of elbow grease to chip away at the ice and free my wipers but more importantly my windshield and back window.. I need to see where I'm driving lol!  By the time this all happened, time was ticking very fast and I had to be at work by 4am.  As I realize it's NOT gonna happen I try to hurry up.  Unfortunately, I had to stop at the mailbox near the end of our road to mail a bill.  After slipping I make it to the mailbox, run out to put my piece of mail in, start to leave..... instead I got stuck!!!!  After about 5 minutes of trying to get out, I did.. and drove right back to the apartment to wake Matt up.  He took me to work (half an hour late, o well!)
The upside to all this: after I was done with work, I Metro'd to HUD to hang out with Matt and his buddies for a few hours.  Then we took the Metro and bus home together.  It was fun!!  I'm becoming a regular at HUD, I should just work there ;)
Just another day in the life of Alissa!!

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