Joy To The World

December 28, 2010

In the blink of an eye -- Christmas is over.  It was such a great time at home, I can't even explain.  Matt and I left Wednesday night for Lancaster.  We saw friends and had a birthday dinner with his family, where we exchanged gifts.  I got to WATCH the Steelers game, made cookies with his mom and just enjoyed being with people and away from Maryland.
Christmas eve, after church, Matt and I left for New Wilmington -- drove through the night to my parent's house and got there FINALLY around 1:30am.  The drive was pretty smooth (when I was awake) for being the turnpike.  There were hardly any cars around which was nice!! 
Christmas morning, my sister and brother in-law came over and we all opened gifts, ate breakfast and just relaxed until all my family came over later.  It was a blast!!  We ate, laughed, exchanged more gifts, ate some more and drank.  It was such a great time.  I love my family soo much and we always have the most fun time!!
I'm so grateful I got to be home for Christmas!  I would've liked to stay longer, but it was nice to get to be at both families for the holiday. 

Just two more days of work, then it's home again for NYE with my Love!  Cannot wait.
How was your Christmas??

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