I Have A Job

November 3, 2010

After much worrying and contemplating, and deciding to take the job I talked about in my previous post I went in to WJLA yesterday.  After being half an hour late (thanks public transportation) I filled out MOUNDS of paperwork at HR then got my badge, took a tour of the studio and area.  So, I start next Monday bright and early -- at 4:30am.  Yikes!  But I am trying to stay positive about it, and remember this is happening for a reason.  I really hope I do a phenomenal job to go full time and make more money.  I hear everyone I'll be working with is really nice, too which is a plus!!
I don't really have any other life news -- everything else is pretty much the same. 
Anywho, now I must head to the bank and start packing for a loooong weekend at the Cabin!  Matt and I are leaving tonight!! :-D  Cannot wait to get away -- before I start my job next week.

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