I Am Tired!!!!!!!

November 10, 2010

Three days done with work -- and it's going pretty well.  I am training on Deko, which means learning to play animations, lowerthirds, fullscreens and things like that.  It's a whole crazy complicated computer system and with the touch of a button something plays.  Technology!  Needless to say, training is going a little slow.  A very nice girl Megan has been with me and I'm happy about that.  We get along well and are always together.  Too bad she's only filling in on mornings this week. :( 
I don't know about you but starting a new job --especially in a new place, not knowing anyone-- is making me quite stressed.  It takes me a couple months to get my groove and feel like my performance is good.  I'm only three days in and getting frustrated with myself for not learning Deko fast enough and making mistakes.  When I learn anything I always want to get it the first try and that never happens.  While I am making progress every day (slooowlyyy) I still get frustrated at myself, other people and situations.  I really need to cool it and just do my best. 
Everyone I've met is really nice, though it'll take me time to remember all their names, haha!  I'll be training the rest of this week, and some next week then it's all me.  Bring it!  I came across this quote today: "The key to life is accepting challenges. Once someone stops doing this, they're dead." ~Bette Davis
I need to keep this in mind!
Another thing worth mentioning why I'm tired:  I start work at 4:30am.  So, I'm up by 3am and gone by 3:45am.  It is SO nice because there's no traffic at that time, but going home is another story.  Waking up yesterday, I felt like I've been doing it for years.  LoL.  It's waay better than starting at 11:30pm like my old job, so I'll take it.  And I'll take a regular job.. while still searching for a good fulltime job, too.  Well, time to go read G.W.'s new book!!!  Tootles :)

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