A Very Random Friday

October 22, 2010

I am on the clouds tonight... because I had such a great day!!  Let me tell you why......
It all started when I woke up at 7am tooo nervous/anxious for a job interview.  I was up early enough to get ready without rushing, put my outfit together the night before.. prayed before I left at 8:30am. 
I took the bus to the Silver Spring metro stop and after a text (or several) to Matt making sure I was going the right way (can't be too sure!) I was off to Metro Station to transfer lines.  It really is simple getting to places using the Metro.. it's a very easy system and I had no problems!  I transferred to the Orange line.. waiting for my stop when a nice man talked to me.  We talked about getting off at the wrong stop, which neither of us wanted to do.  I was happy to know there are nice people still out there, haha.
So once I leave the metro, I see my destination: ABC7 in Virginia.  Huge 27-story building with a big news ticker whom the assistant news director said I'd have NO trouble finding.  (I felt like saying.. you don't know how I am with directions.. but trusted her)  I look at the clock: 10am.  I'm an HOUR early to my interview.. which is better than an hour late.  So I sat at a nearby table looking over my notes and praying more.
Upon waiting in the lobby, I ran into David Archuleta (from American Idol!) and the President of the FCC - which was pretty neat.  Then during my interview, Bill Nye the Science Guy walked by!  I used to watch his show everyday!  After my interview ended at 2 (!) I met Matt and HUD while he finished up work and we made our way home together. :)
It was so cool to see the area, celebs and not the apartment walls.  Oh yeah- and my interview went pretty well I think.  Time will tell -- and more prayers in the meantime!  I so hope it works out, the station and area was awesome and I would love working there.  I also talked about Freelancing for them as well, and it looks promising.  Today ended up being random, yet planned.  I met nice people, had a job interview and everything just made me smile.  I haven't felt this in a while, and I hope it continues. 
In the meantime: another freelancing gig tomorrow at 1... a Gloria Gaither concert at the Ritz Carlton!  Fancy schmancy! :)  Tootles!

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