Praying I Made The Right Decision

October 28, 2010

So it's Thursday and a lot has happened in two days.  Yesterday, I got to freelance at HUD so I was up early with Matt.  Turns out, I didn't have much to do since freelancers were overbooked.  So I got paid to wrap cable and work lights for 2 interviews.  I got to watch a taping with the Secretary of HUD, who was a very nice man.  He walked in and said hi to me then got right to work.  He was also a very good speaker -- as one has to be in that position.  It was a very long day but I had fun!
Today, I'm kind of happy to report I have a job.  By kind of, I mean that I'm not sure if I should do it... yet I need a job.  It's still a freelancing position which come tax time will have me paying waaay more -- with money I don't have.  I won't get into many details but the job is only $8/hour, 4-5 days/week and some weekends from 4am-12:30pm.  Also, since it's so early I have to drive there because public transportation doesn't run so early... and parking is $65/month.  There are a lot of cons and not very many pros... except the fact that it could help me get a full time job there.  While I won't be making and saving very much money, I'm doing it to have more of a regular job, get experience and (more importantly) "my foot in the door" -- as they say in the TV biz. 
Those I've talked to say I'm definitely over-qualified to do this job, but what's a step back if it helps me get 20 steps ahead with a full-time job?  Of course, who knows how long that'll take, or if it ever happens.  I interviewed for two open positions -- so there could be a good chance right now to move up.  I'm just praying I made the right decision and that it lands me a full time job in the near future.  While I have a job, there's still a lot of IF's and unknowns which make me nervous.  In the meantime - I will continue job searching to keep my options open!  Pray for me!

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