No Matter What

October 26, 2010

It's one of those weeks again... where I'm finding myself in a zombie-like state.  Just going through the motions of job searching and not getting any solid leads.  Freelancing is fun and it's better than making NO money at all, but it just can't support me for an extended amount of time.  Matt is also having money problems, and the fact that I can't pay any bills to help is eating me alive. 
My Aunt sent me an email last week with the lyrics to a new song she really likes.  I've watched the youtube video and it's saved in my favorites.  It's called "No Matter What" and it is about heartache we experience and no matter what I'm going to put my trust and hope in the Lord.  I'm desperately trying to do that and remember no matter what: this can't last forever, it's happening for a reason, life could be a lot worse, and God doesn't give us anything we can't handle... with Him along the journey.
Check out the video, and read each word carefully.  I hope you enjoy it, and thanks Aunt Meghan for sending it to me!

Kerrie Roberts ~ "No Matter What"

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