September 10, 2010

"A couple turns of EVOO around the pan.. while that heats up, give the pasta alittle guhge... Oh, and let me get my mapine and grab the bread out of the oven before I burn it." 

I love Rachael Ray.  I have been watching her shows for years.. and it feels like I've watched her all my life.  I loved the Food Network before 30 Minute Meals debuted and now I just can't get enough.  Every morning, I watch the Rachael Ray Show --even though they're reruns right now-- which is okay because I haven't watched it in forever with my previous job schedule so I haven't seen any of them yet!! 

Rachael is so funny, down-to-earth and she simplifies recipes and directions for anyone to understand.  She makes cooking FUN... and I love to cook.  Now that I have a better apartment and not much to do, I really want to get into cooking different meals more often.  Trying a recipe with the unusual ingredients and of course the oldies, but remade goodies. 

She might be a huge star with her own shows and cooking acessories line -- but she is just a normal person who not only loves cooking, but sees how cooking can change the world and others around you.  It might sound ridiculous, but I saw this happen on her show this morning.  It was a segment on "Room 325":  the story of a teacher in an inner city high school in Philadelphia.  How she gives her students tough love, advice, and cooking classes to become better people and know there is a better life out there than what many see in that tough area.  After watching their story and wiping the tears, I feel so inspired to get into a job I LOVE, but more importantly, help others as much as I can.  I certainly cannot cook like Rachael Ray-- but I have dreams and one of those is to be on TV doing something I love. 

When I saw her surprise the students before they saw their renovated kitchen, they were so shocked and excited that Rachael Ray took the time to think of them, help them and visit them in person!  I want to make a difference in people's lives like that.  Maybe not on that grand of a scale, but I want people to know there are some out there who do care about others.  This show touched me so much.

Rachael has established a company called Yum-O... helping kids across the country eat more nutritious, healthy meals.... and parents get their kids involved in the kitchen to make meals and memories. If I had money, I would totally help out.  I just think it's wonderful what she's doing in AND out of the kitchen.  I look up to her so much and want to some day be like her.  Wow-- I sound like an 18 year-old.  Haha.

I'm not sure where to go, what exactly I want to do and how to do it.  Now the million dollar question is: How do I get started?!  Your guess is as good as mine.  I really have no clue how to get this plan in motion.  But I do know I want to do something... whether it's on the side or as a fulltime job.  Any ideas my faithful followers??  I'd love to hear!!

"This very well could be what's for dinner tonight!  We'll see ya when we see ya." ~R.R.

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